Rockstar Games quietly updates two classic games and makes all DLC free

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Rockstar quietly updated Max Payne 3 and LA Noire, making all DLC for both games free in the process.

The updates went live on April 19 without prior notice. If you happen to own either game on Steam, then congratulations: You now own all the associated DLC for both games for free, even if you only own the base copies, as reported by Eurogamer.

Max Payne 3 and LA Noire games which were highly anticipated and notable in their time but have since waned. In recent years, Rockstar has invested much more heavily into its two most well-known franchises, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

Max Payne was originally created and developed by Remedy Games. Players took on the role of NYPD detective Max Payne, a grieving widower who discovers that his family’s brutal murder is connected to a drug conspiracy that goes all the way up to City Hall.

Rockstar was given the reigns to the Max Payne franchise after the rights holder, Gathering of Developers, was acquired by 2K Games. Max Payne 3 rounded out the trilogy by taking Max to Brazil, where he sought redemption and a new life.

LA Noire also starred a detective, Cole Phelps of the LAPD. As Cole, players navigated 1940s Los Angeles and uncovered a criminal conspiracy involving heroin and the local government. The game featured extensive motion capture technology which meticulously recreated actors’ faces and expressions in-game as a tie-in with LA Noire’s interrogation mechanic. Players had to determine whether a subject was lying or not through tells like facial tics and body language.

If you haven’t played Max Payne 3 or LA Noire, both are worth playing through even now. In LA Noire’s case, the bonus cases added through the game’s DLC are certainly a welcome addition.

There’s little chance we’ll see another Max Payne or LA Noire, given that both titles ended quite conclusively. But with the DLC now added for free, it’s worth a revisit.

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