The Rock Declares His Grandmother 'The Real Final Boss' As The WWE Prepares To Induct Her Into The Hall Of Fame

 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on SmackDown.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on SmackDown.

Dwayne Johnson is possibly the most broadly successful and well-known former professional wrestler who has ever lived. He has found success in multiple avenues of entertainment, but many know that he is but one in a long line of pro wrestling royalty. Both his father and grandfather are former wrestlers and members of the WWE Hall of Fame. But in the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame class, they will be joined by another key member of the family as The Rock is set to induct his grandmother Lia Maivia into the hall.

In a post to Instagram, The Rock calls his grandmother the “real Final Boss” of the storied Maivia family. Following the death of High Chief Peter Maivia, The Rock’s grandfather, Liv Maivia took over as the promoter of the family wrestling promotion, one of the first women to do that job, and she brought wrestling to Hawaii in a way that had never been seen before. The Rock’s post reads in part…

One of the first ever female promoters of professional wrestling. She was a trail blazer. She was a protector of our family. She was the real Final Boss.

In an era of wrestling before the people in the back office were also part of the onscreen talent, Lia Maivia was far from a household name to fans of professional wrestling. With Dwayne Johnson on the board of TKO Group, the parent company of WWE, one wonders if he may have had more than a little sway in this year’s Hall of Fame inductions. That’s not to say Lia Maivia isn’t worthy, she obviously is, she broke barriers and was truly skilled as a wrestling promoter. She had the respect of many in what has always been a truly male-dominated industry. Dwayne Johnson may have made a point of helping WWE remember that fact.

Wrestlemania 40 is going to be big and the weekend will be a busy one for Dwayne Johnson. Not only is he inducting his grandmother into the WWE Hall of Fame, but he’ll be competing at the event for the first time in years, teaming with cousin Roman Reins to take on the team of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. On that first night, Dwayne Johnson will certainly be cheered, on the second The Rock will hear a chorus of boos. Such is the world of professional wrestling.

The full video celebrating Lia Maivia is very well done. It’s narrated by Ana Tuisila, the actress who has portrayed Lia Maivia on the show Young Rock. She’s the perfect voice to bring the woman’s accomplishments to life. Check out the full Hall of Fame Induction video below.

With the induction of Lia Maivia, there will be three members of The Rock’s family in the WWE Hall of Fame. The only remaining question is just when he will join them. The Rock’s induction will be one of the biggest moments, if not the biggest moment ever, for the event. There isn’t a question of if it will happen, simply when.