The Rock Asks Donald Trump 'Where Are You? Where Is Our Leader?' In Emotional Video Message

Mehera Bonner
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images


  • The Rock released a video criticising President Donald Trump for his lack of leadership.
  • To help support protestors and demand justice, please head here for resources.

The Rock has released a video calling out Donald Trump for failing to lead and lacking compassion toward people protesting police brutality in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. In the eight-minute-long video, the Rock asked, “Where are you? Where is our leader? Where are you? Where is our leader at this time? At this time when our country is down on its knees, begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain, begging and pleading with its arms out just wanting to be heard.”

He also criticised the president’s use of military force on peaceful protestors:

“There is military force that has been deployed on our own people. Looters, yes. Criminals, absolutely. But on protesters, who are begging and pleading, our protesters who are in pain? You know, you would be surprised how people in pain would respond when you say to them, ‘I care about you.’ When you say to them, ‘I’m listening to you.’”

Watch the full video below, which The Rock ends by saying, “As we continue to wait for that leader to emerge, I would recommend to all of you that we must become the leaders we are looking for. We become our own leaders because we’re doing it now. We’re doing it now. We must become the leaders we are looking for.”

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