Rochelle Humes says she was ‘close to tears’ as son told to ‘shut up’ on flight

Rochelle Humes has revealed that a passenger once asked her to “shut up” her infant son on a flight.

Humes, 33, was debating whether flights should be child-free with This Morning co-host Vernon Kay when she admitted the incident made her “close to tears”.

When asked if she would be in favour of adult-only flights, Humes said: “Before I had children I was kind of, I suppose, in that camp. However, it didn’t really bother me, I’d have my headphones in, I’d watch a film, I’d get my head down. If I heard it, it’s someone else’s problem right?”

She continued: “But since having a little one, my two girls are very good fliers but my son not so much. I had a flight where a guy sort of said something to me like, ‘aren’t you going to shut him up?’

“I was that close to bursting into tears because I feel for the parents.”

Humes shares three children with her husband Marvin Humes: daughters Alaia-Mai, nine, and Valentina, five, and their 22-month old son Blake.

The TV presenter clarified that the incident occurred while Blake was teething.

Last week, TikTok user Morgan Lee went viral on the video-sharing platform after she suggested that adults-only flights should be an option after hearing a child cry on her journey.

“Why isn’t there such a thing as adult-only flights?” her caption read. “I would pay SO much money.”

People were quick to comment in agreement, with one woman on Twitter writing: “I would pay lots more for a CHILD FREE flight. @Ryanair Like a zoo on here.”

Another added: “I have kids and think this should deff [sic] be a thing. Maybe a certain time of flight or whatever could be child free. Works well for both people travelling with and without kids.”

Model Vogue Williams also recently recounted a run-in with a fellow passenger after she asked him to swap seats so she could sit with her husband and child and he refused.

Williams said the passengers was a “piece of s***” and an “absolute t***” when speaking about the interaction.