Robin Roberts getting married this year

Robin Roberts is getting married credit:Bang Showbiz
Robin Roberts is getting married credit:Bang Showbiz

Robin Roberts is getting married this year.

The 'Good Morning America' presenter is set to tie the knot with Amber Laign - who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 - after more than 17 years together and the pair are excited about their "next chapter".

Robin took to Instagram to share a clip from a conversation with author and motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein, in which she said: "I'm hesitating because I haven't said it out loud yet... I'm saying 'yes' to marriage. We're getting married this year.

"It was something we had talked about, but we had put it off, she became ill but, it is saying yes to that, and that next chapter."

The 62-year-old presenter revealed in February last year that Amber had been diagnosed with cancer.

She said at the time: “My sweet Amber wanted me to tell you something that she’s been facing. At the end of last year, Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery last month and this morning will begin chemotherapy.”

But in April, the broadcaster admitted Amber had struggled with "some complications".

She said: "She's had some complications with the chemotherapy. They’re working it out. We’re gonna figure it out. The prognosis is still very good.

"I’m just thankful that her spirits have been lifted. Recently it was a little tough there when -- because she just wanted to get through it and to have this wrench thrown in our way -- but I was able to tell her, as most people [who] have gone through cancer, this happens.

"There are peaks and valleys," Roberts added, "and we went through a valley but it's more of a peak right now and I'm just very grateful for all the love and support that she’s receiving."

However, in July, Robin - who has also battled breast cancer in the past - updated fans to let them know her partner had completed a "very important phase" of her treatment.

Sharing a video of Amber ringing a bell to signify the end of her radiotherapy, Robin captioned the post: “Sweet Amber completing radiation, a very important phase of her treatment.

“We both thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Proud of her and all fellow Thrivers for your grit and grace during a challenging time.”

In the video, Amber said: "My treatment is done, the course is run, and I am on my way!"