Robert Pattinson says his Batman is inspired by Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth

Gregory Wakeman
Robert Pattinson has been discussing his Batman prep (Image by Warner Bros)

Over the last decade, Robert Pattinson has established himself as one of the most intriguing actors in cinema. 

After shooting to fame in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire and the Twilight series, Pattinson starred in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, James Gray’s The Lost City Of Z, The Safdie Brothers’ Good Time, Claire Denis’ High Life, and Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse. 

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That’s exactly what makes his casting as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman so exciting. 

Pattinson has been taking about his preparation to play the icon, revealing that he watched the work of the “true warriors of the superhero genre” in order to get into the right mindset for the DC character.

Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America stand strong in The Avengers, which Pattinson probably watched over and over again (Image by Warner Bros)

This clearly included watching various installments from DC rivals Marvel, as Pattinson specifically named Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr as inspirations. 

Pattinson made this admission during a recent conversation with For Men Healthy, via Screen Rant, explaining, "In every project I've ever taken on, I've come into it wanting to learn and achieve new things.”

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“That's usually in the embodiment of a character, and someone who has a different personality to me; but taking on a full physical transformation as well feels even more exciting. Any actor will go through periods where they'll hesitate and question whether they can live up to a character in a script, or the expectations that go with it…”

“You look at the true warriors of the superhero genre -- Hemsworth, The Rock, Downey Jr, Evans -- and wonder if you're putting yourself in the wrong place. And yet, having spoken to a few, I know everyone is nervous when the opportunity comes about."