Twitter users 'cry tears of joy' over Robert Pattinson's new long blonde hair

Danielle Fowler
·Freelance Writer
Fans have gone wild for Robert Pattinson's new hair 'do [Photo: Getty]
Fans have gone wild for Robert Pattinson's new hair 'do [Photo: Getty]

Robert Pattinson has left fans across the globe “crying tears of joy” after flaunting new long blonde hair ahead of Netflix film ‘The King’.

The 33-year-old actor has ditched his signature chestnut quiff for the forthcoming flick in favour of a tousled chic lob that has left us rather envious.

So it’s hardly surprising that his summer-ready look soon swept the headlines after US entertainment giant Decider shared a sneak preview of the transformation via Twitter.

The tweet quickly amassed over 4.4 million likes thanks to a gif which showcases his fabulous locks alongside the caption: “Robert Pattinson with that weave!”

Within a sheer matter of seconds social media users soon forgot about co-star and fellow heartthrob Timothée Chalamet, who rocks a bowl cut in the trailer, with fans taking to the post to praise Pattinson’s new look.

“With this hair i’d happily let him rip my heart out,” one Twitter user declared.

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“Timothée Chalamet and Robert Pattinson (with that hair) together in this movie,” another wrote. “My ovaries just exploded.”

A third added: “What we didn’t know we needed but now we can’t be without it.”

If that isn’t enough to get fans going, Pattinson’s upcoming role as the Dauphin of France in the Shakespearean drama, who is a young heir to the throne, will also boast a delightful French accent.

The hair transformation comes off the back of Jason Momoa’s recent image overhaul after the actor left fans devastated by shaving off his beard.

After seven years of sporting a famous beard, the Aquaman star took to Instagram to debut his fresh-faced aesthetic to raise awareness of the need to use recyclable aluminum cans for water instead of plastic bottles.

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“Jason Momoa just shaved his beard off and now nothing makes sense in this world,” one distraught fan tweeted.

Another added, “Jason Momoa has shaved his beard and I am not ok.”

Regardless of whether you’re here for Pattinson’s new look or not, we’ll be taking a snap of his summer-ready look straight to our next hairdresser appointment.

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