Robbie Williams Recalls 'Unfortunate' Moment When He Pooped Himself on Stage: 'I Retained My Composure'

The "Angels" singer opened up about an embarrassing ordeal during a 2011 Take That concert in Amsterdam

<p>Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty</p> Robbie Williams performs in August 2023

Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty

Robbie Williams performs in August 2023

Robbie Williams is opening up about an on-stage moment when he thought he was about to pass gas — but it "didn’t remain just a fart."

The "Angels" singer, 49, shared a revelatory Instagram post this week, where he detailed the moment he soiled himself on stage while performing with his band Take That years ago.

Williams — who shared the note underneath a cartoon that reads, "sometimes your favorite artists fart on stage" — wrote that he had "horrendous" food poisoning that "felt like death" amid a reunion tour with the British pop band.

His illness was so bad that the group had to "cancel a show in Denmark because of it," Williams wrote. NME reported in 2011 that Take That canceled a Denmark gig at the time due to Williams becoming “violently ill” with food poisoning.

"Anyway, A few days later we were playing at the Ajax stadium in Amsterdam," Williams wrote. "Still not anywhere near well enough I ventured to the stage. I was in the precarious position of not being able to ‘trust a fart.' Which was unfortunate because that’s what I needed to do during my opening song. Let me entertain you."

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"As I’m sure you can imagine it didn’t remain just a fart. But ever the pro I retained my composure and committed to the performance 100%."

Footage from the show in July 2011 shows the group performing high above the audience, with Williams indeed keeping his composure during the group's intro song.

"Because of the picture I’ve just painted I’m sure you have questions. But let’s just let
sleeping logs lie for now," Williams added.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Robbie Williams
Andreas Rentz/Getty Robbie Williams

"A gig parp any other time can be liberating.... This has got me thinking -Which performer springs to mind as a Performing Parper? A ,P.P. I want two answers. The performer and the song you imagine them doing it to. And the other answer is for someone you think has never farted on stage ever."

Williams then went on to reveal that he believes that Mick Jagger passes gas to "Jumping Jack Flash," while Thom Yorke does not do so on stage.

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The musician's note comes just a couple months after Joe Jonas revealed on KIIS FM’s Will & Woody radio show in Australia that he too soiled himself on stage once.

The "Sucker" singer, 34, told the show that the incident happened four years ago and that he quickly had a costume change. “It's fresh, but I’ve been able to work through it, a lot of therapy,” he joked at the time.

“Let’s just say it was a bad day to choose to wear white clothing. You think it might be a little toot, it might’ve been a little something else, a little something extra. So it was like a mid-wardrobe s--- change during the set.”

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