Robbie Williams Opens Up About Sex Life and Low Libido after Coming off Testosterone

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Robbie Williams Opens Up About Sex LifeNeil Mockford - Getty Images

Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams has opened up about his sex life, revealing how his libido dropped after he stopped taking testosterone.

The 53-year-old said in an interview with The Sun that since coming off hormone replacement therapy, which he was using to treat depression, his ‘incredible’ sex life with his wife of almost 13 years, Adya Field, had slowed down considerably.

‘The sex we had when I was on testosterone was incredible,’ he told the newspaper. ‘It was all the time. We were insatiable. It goes to show how into each other we really are, though, because when I was on it, we couldn’t take our hands off each other.

‘I miss that. That was a fun period. Sometimes now, though, Ayda will turn to me on the sofa and say, “We should do sex,” and I’m sitting there eating a tangerine and just sort of shrug. So, ya know, sometimes we try.’

Thankfully, the couple's lack of intimacy in the bedroom hasn't affected their relationship outside of it, Williams said.

Field added they are still ‘always cuddling and kissing’.

‘Everyone knows there is no sex after marriage,’ Williams continued. ‘That’s just the way it is. I was on testosterone for a while but, because I’m an addict, that had to stop. I got these massive square shoulders and started to look like a doorman. It wasn’t a good look.’

‘No sex in a marriage is only a problem if you’re on different pages,’ he added. ‘If one person wants it, and the other doesn’t, [or] if you have different expectations or requirements.’

Field agreed: ‘Intimacy is the important, meaningful side of love. I have friends who feel obliged to have sex with their husbands and that must be awful. Me and Rob are on the same page. We are happy.’

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