RNLI's amazing animal rescues documented in new book

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Gareth Davies Photography Tenby/RNLI/Cover Images

A new book showcases Britain's Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and its lifesavers' most dramatic and heart-warming animal rescues.

From stranded dogs and cats to the infamous Wally the Walrus, lifeboat crews have saved animals of all shapes and sizes - as documented in the new book, Saved from the Waves.

Wally has won hearts across the U.K. and Ireland after getting into scrapes on coastlines from Cornwall to County Kerry. In Tenby, Phil John, a Coxswain at the RNLI's Tenby Lifeboat Station, was shocked when he made the station slipway his home for over a month in 2021.

The massive marine mammal became a local celebrity but it made things very difficult for the crew when they needed to launch.

Describing how he set out to get Wally back on the move again, Phil said: "As soon as I saw the walrus on the station slipway, I knew how many problems this could cause us. We didn't know how we would launch if there was a shout, or how to move him. Any launch time that is delayed puts lives at risk.

"I'd read that walruses are affected by noise, so after consulting with the RSPCA, we tried scraping a long metal pole across our slip. It made quite a racket and quickly worked! However, he soon got used to it and eventually, we had to use an air horn to get him to move!"

In addition, Flossy, a dog who had fallen down some very steep cliffs, was rescued by Vince Jones, a mechanic at Moelfre RNLI Lifeboat Station. They have also saved a cat who was stuck in the Thames near Chiswick, two horses, a stricken deer, a seal, and even a humpback whale.

Saved from the Waves went on sale on 14 April 2022, with royalties from all sales supporting the lifesaving charity.

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