Rivian Reveals R3 and More Rugged R3X as Entry-Level Electric SUVs

2027 rivian r3
Rivian R3 and R3X Revealed as Entry-Level EV SUVsRivian
  • Rivian has revealed the R3 and RX3 that will enter the company's lineup in the next few years, likely as 2027 models.

  • The subcompact Rivian R3 shares a platform with the R2 model that was also revealed today, but its wheelbase is five inches shorter.

  • The Rivian R3X is sportier and geared more towards adventure than the regular R3, with three electric motors, wider wheels and tires, and higher ground clearance.

Rivian today not only unveiled the eagerly anticipated R2 SUV, but it also surprised everyone including us by introducing the smaller R3 and R3X models. The duo share the same platform as the larger R2, but they are said to be about five inches shorter. They also will be positioned as entry-level models when they reach production sometime in the next few years, like as 2027 models.

2027 rivian r3

The Rivian R3 has the company's familiar face and smooth body panels. The wheels are pushed out to the corners and the rear overhang is extremely short. The power-operated rear hatch features a full-width taillight as well as smaller section that contains the rear glass that opens independently, which Rivian suggests is useful for people who have to haul longer items like surf boards.

Since the R3 is based on the R2, it'll likely offer the same drivetrain configurations and battery-pack options. Expect the R3 to have an estimated driving range over 300 miles and the ability to charge from 10 to 80 percent in under 30 minutes Customers should also have a choice between either a single electric motor powering the rear wheels pr dual motors that constitute all-wheel drive. We know that a three-motor setup is offered on the more rugged R3X.

The R3X model is essentially a beefier version of the R3. It features the tri-motor powertrain from the highest-output Rivian R2. The R3X also has wider wheels and tires and a higher ground clearance than the regular R3. We dig the X's teal paint job that also include orange accents on the exterior side mirrors and the front tow hooks. The tires have more aggressive tread than its sibling, and the wheels have an '80s rally-car aesthetic.

2027 rivian r3

Inside, the give off Italian vibes with the ribbed seats. There's also a large glass roof that helps make the cabin feel airer, and just like in the standard R3, the R3X's front and rear seats fold flat. That's perfect for providing a makeshift sleeping area.

We don't yet have pricing on the 2027 Rivian R3 or R3X, but they'll definitely cost less than the larger R2 model. We wouldn't be surprised if the R3 start between $35K–$40K and the R3X start somewhere between $45K–$55K.

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