Riverdale’s KJ Apa ditched his signature red hair and shaved it all off

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

If there was one person who we did not expect to see a hair transformation from today, it would be KJ Apa. I mean, for the past six, yes, SIX(!!) seasons of Riverdale (that's 116 episodes over the best part of six years, BTW), the actor has sported long-ish red hair. But now, he's only gone and chopped it all off, replacing his iconic look with a brunette buzzcut. Uhhhh what?! State of shock, much?

Let's just take a mo' to appreciate the before hairstyle:

I give you: ✨length✨.

And now, let us analyse the after transformation. But first, a *warning* that the following image may cause some shock:

I did warn you. It couldn't be further from his on-screen counterpart's style, Archie. In the caption, KJ wrote: "Reset. One Fast Move.". And what a reset this look is.

Like us, fans were also surprised with KJ's new 'do and took to the comments section to share their thoughts:

One person wrote: "No more Archie, this is KJ 😂😂😂".

Another said: "Who’s that?".

While someone else put: "I just passed out".

With a fourth adding: "oh I'm loving this hair".

In regards to the above: same. Just, same.

Of course, the reason behind this new look is yet to be discussed, however, do we think this could be for a new acting role? We're open to all the speculations and theories.

I think this calls for a trip to Reddit...

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