River Island’s new mannequins are having a rough time


[Photo: Twitter/Sarah Maria Griffin]

We’re all for improving diversity in the mannequin world, especially when it comes to featuring ones of all shapes, sizes and skin colours.

But River Island’s latest selection has provoked a rather different response from shoppers.

Sure, they may be depicting a more realistic woman, but because they show someone in the midst of a meltdown rather than someone of a different shape.

They appear to be sitting, hugging their knees to their chests with their arms, looking - as one Twitter user so aptly described it - “like they’re hungover in the shower thinking about their life choices”.

That’s exactly what they look like, no?

Sarah Maria Griffin spotted the figures in the River Island store on Grafton Street in Dublin and posted a few snaps of them.

Other Twitter users have spotted the figures too, as another user posted: “Sad to see the River Island mannequins in a post Picnic [sic] heap like the rest of us. Questioning everything so they are.”

Another described them as “having an existential crisis”.

Rather than being a tad creepy, perhaps the mannequins have successfully appealed to the modern woman. Lost your friends at a festival and perching beside the wood-fired pizza van until they come back? Check. Just filled your Asos shopping back with £200 worth of clothes despite having £50 in your account? Check.

You know what; these mannequins speak to us.

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