Mystery behind Ritz crackers’ unusual shape is finally solved but people aren’t convinced

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Ever wondered if there was a higher purpose to the scalloped edge of Ritz crackers?

The manufacturer of the small savoury biscuits has released a video claiming that far from being just for decorative reasons, the Ritz ridge is actually the secret to a cheesy snack hack.

The clip, shared on TikTok, shows someone holding up a cracker and listing what people think the edges on Ritz crackers are for: “ pretty..aesthetic...beautiful scallops” before revealing what they’re actually for.

The person on camera rolls the serrated edge of the cracker across a piece of cheese to half it, then sandwiches it neatly between two crackers.

“The more you know,” reads the caption.

The clip has provoked an amused response from TikTok users, with some saying their minds are blown.

“I’ve been living a lie,” said one commenter, while another said: “Ritz you are making me question my entire existence.”

Others were far less impressed, with many pointing out that the cracker did not appear to actually cut the cheese.

“Lol as you pull the cheese apart with your hands,” scoffed one, and another reasonably added: “We have knives tho.”

Ritz waded into the debate, responding to a comment to just “grab the cheese with 2 hands and tear a slice,’” simply that “that works too.”

They also explained to many nonplussed TikTokers that the cracker had in fact “loosened” the cheese.

"It’s a process." they said.

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