Rita Moreno reveals how her grandson helped her land Fast X role

Rita Moreno has revealed her grandson told Vin Diesel to cast her in 'Fast X'.

The 91-year-old big screen legend - who was the first Latin actress to win an Oscar for her performance as Anita in 1961's 'West Side Story' - has joined the 'Fast and Furious' franchise after first meeting Vin at a Hollywood event "a number of years ago".

Speaking to Total Film magazine, she recalled: "He let me know that he was an admirer of my work and I was flattered. I stayed in touch with him.

"I thought of inviting him to the premiere of our new 'West Side Story' and happily he said yes. We got together afterwards and had drinks.

"My grandson Justin, who is an enormous fan of his, collared Vin and said, 'You really should have my grandmother in the movie. She should be the kind of feisty old woman that grabs you by the nose and tells you off.'

"Justin, to this day, is absolutely convinced that he cast me."

Moreno described her character in the film as "truly the boss' boss".

She added: "She really is those kinds of things. That's why I love doing the character - she's truly the boss' boss. But she would never do something like Justin described."

Meanwhile, Moreno reflected on her return to 'West Side Story' to play Valentina in Steven Spielberg's 2021 remake.

Asked if the movie holds a special place in her heart, she said: "Oh my gosh, both of them for very different reasons.

"The first one because it got me world fame. I have two awards that are very precious to me - the Golden Globe and, of course, the Oscar. Who could ask for more?

"I never dreamed that I would end up in that film - I tested for it along with, I imagine, every brunette and dark-eyed actor in California.

"And then to end up so many years later in the new version with my most favourite director... I've always loved Steven. he is so versatile."