Ring of Fire drinking game rules to save for your next pre-drinks

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Photo credit: Getty Images

Ring of Fire. If we had to draw up a chart of the best drinking games to ever exist in the history of humanity, this one would probably be pretty high up on the list.

A classic at basically every pre-drinks, Freshers event and house party ever, Ring of Fire is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Plus, unlike games such as beer pong, there's little equipment or prep needed. Simply grab a deck of cards, a huge pint glass and a group of willing participant and voilà.

And while learning new dinner party games to mix things up a bit can be fun, there's nothing like getting stuck into an old fave. The joy of being the thumbmaster and seeing that nobody else has noticed yet? Unmatched. Pulling an Ace and everyone screaming "waterfall"? Just a beautiful moment, tbh. What's more, there's definitely no other game guaranteed to get you quiiiite as drunk as Ring of Fire (responsibly, of course). Ah, the hazy memories.

Photo credit: CosmopolitanUK
Photo credit: CosmopolitanUK

Still, as much as we love it, there is one problem. Considering there are actually 13 different cards (and their meanings) to remember, the rules can sometimes be tricky to recall on demand. Plus, you'll have probably had a cocktail or two before you even start playing which, ya know, doesn't help things either.

So, in your hour of need, here's a recap...

So, what are the rules of ring of fire?

A tall glass is put in the middle of the table, and surrounded by the playing cards facing down in a big circle (see picture above). This becomes the 'ring of fire'. Players take it in turns to draw a card from the deck, taking care not to break the circle - e.g. making sure every card touches at least one other that is left in the circle. If you break the circle, you have to drink. For every card you draw, there is a specific rule -

  • 2 - You, the player who drew the card picks someone to drink.

  • 3 - Me, the player who drew the card drinks.

  • 4 - All those who identify as female drink.

  • 5 - Thumbmaster, the player who drew the card must put their thumb on the table at a chosen time (before the next five gets picked though, or they lose the right). The last person to put their thumb on the table must drink.

  • 6 - All those who identify as male drink.

  • 7 - Heaven, the player who drew the card must point to the sky (at any chosen time before the next 7 is drawn). The last person who points to the sky must drink.

  • 8 - Mate, the player who drew the card picks a drinking mate, who must drink every time they drink. As a secondary rule, you can decide whether that means you always have to drink when they drink, too.

  • 9 - Rhyme, the player who drew the card says a word, and you go around the circle rhyming with that word until someone messes up, and has to drink.

  • 10 - Categories, the player who drew the card thinks of a category (e.g. dogs, cars, types of alcohol), and you go around the circle naming words in that category until someone messes up, and has to drink.

  • Jack - Make a rule. The player who drew the card makes a new rule (e.g. you can't say the word 'yes' or you can't put your drink down) and anyone who breaks the rule at any time throughout the rest of the game has to drink.

  • Queen - Question master. You become the question master, and if anybody answers a question asked by you (the player who drew the card), they have to drink. This applies to ANY question.

  • King - the player who drew the card must pour some of their drink into the cup in the middle. The person to draw the last King has to drink whatever is in the cup in the middle.

  • Ace - waterfall. Starting with the player who drew the card, every player has to continually drink their drink. You can only stop when the person to their right has stopped drinking.

Prepare for a very fun (and probably very drunk) evening. Please drink responsibly.

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