Riley Keough's husband ignored birthday wish and threw her surprise party

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Riley Keough's husband and pals ignored her birthday "wishes" this year, and instead, threw her a massive surprise party.

The Mad Max: Fury Road star had a particularly rough 2020 after her younger brother Benjamin took his own life last July, and she told her man, Australian stunt expert Ben Smith-Petersen, and her friends, she just wasn't in the mood to mark her special day in May 2021.

"None of them listened to my wishes," she shared during a recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, explaining Ben whisked her off for a casual outing to Malibu, and insisted they'd just "drive round and get food".

And then, when they got to the beach, he made an odd request.

"He collects surfboards obsessively...," she noted. "And he was like, 'Do you mind if I just go and pick up this board off (selling site) Craigslist while we're here?'"

The Runaways star was "a little bit annoyed because a lot of our life revolves around him surfing", but she went along with the plan, even though she didn't "really want to go find some random surfboard at some guy's house on Craigslist..."

The couple then arrived at a house with "this beautiful gate and I'm like, 'Oh, this Craigslist guy has a really nice house.’"

Then, Riley spotted a bunch of birthday balloons and feared the pair was "crashing" someone else's festivities.

"I'm like, 'We're crashing some little kid's birthday, this is really awkward,'" the 32-year-old laughed. "Then all of a sudden, I just missed this stream of people running. I was so confused. They were all yelling, 'Surprise', but the car window was up so I was just totally confused about what was happening.

"Then I started to recognise (people) - 'That's my friend, that's my mum!'"

And even though she was "pretty much in pyjamas", her friends had thought of everything.

"It ended up being really sweet," Riley admitted. "And they packed me a change of clothes so I didn't look like I'd been in bed all day."

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