Rihanna's butt is 💯 in Savage X Fenty lingerie postpartum pics

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Rihanna shows strong butt in lingerie picsRich Fury - Getty Images

There is no doubt in my mind that Rihanna is crushing life after giving birth to her first baby. And indeed, the new mumma and ultra-famous musical artist, 34, dropped a gold mine of lingerie photos showing off her strong postpartum body on Instagram in honour of her Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 fashion show release on Amazon Prime. (It dropped on November 9, by the way!)

'Me waiting for vol. 4 to drop so y’all could have these pieces #SAVAGEXFENTYSHOW @primevideo @savagexfenty,' she captioned the pics. Of course, everyone immediately freaked out, because how could they not. Fashion model Halima commented, '🔥🔥🔥🔥,' and Real Housewives of Dubai star Chanel Ayan wrote, 'Butter 🔥🔥🔥.' Instagram itself even left a note for RiRi: 'can an app be in love with an icon? 🤔.' So true, Instagram, so true.

Rihanna gave birth to a baby boy six months ago with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, and still channels the same body confidence she did while pregnant (her pregnancy fashion was on point) and before she gave birth. While doing press before the fashion show's release, Rihanna shared that her favourite body part to show off has changed, though.

'Oh yeah, girl. It changed. I guarantee you it changed. I had a baby. Let's be real,' she said, per People. 'My booty. Now it's my booty because I got one.'

Rihanna has also said that she is excited her fashion show because it celebrates all kind of bodies. 'I love seeing new bodies, new silhouettes, new personalities, new characters, new energies,' she shared. 'I just enjoy seeing people celebrate their body, celebrate who they are — and they just happen to be wearing Savage. That's exciting.'

But it hasn't all been a breeze. Before giving birth, Rihanna had shared that she was nervous about potentially struggling with postpartum depression. 'Will I feel out of control emotionally? Those are the stories I hear from other women that scare me,' she told Vogue,

When it comes to staying physically strong and healthy, Rihanna's fitness regime will probably change now that she's a mom. Babies are a lot of work and her body definitely needs time to heal. Before the baby's arrival, though, Rihanna liked to work with personal trainers who kept her routines fresh. One of her trainers, Jamie Granger, told The Hollywood Reporter that Rihanna does 'everything from powerlifting to plyometrics.' She added that Rih is also into cycling, hiking, and paddling, and that, 'we try to mix it up.'

On the food front, RiRi likes to eat well, and she even has a personal chef, Debbie Solomon, who shared with Bon Appetit that she is a 'moody eater' who likes to mix things up. 'Every protein that you can think of that [Rihanna] eats,' she shared. Solomon also added that Rihanna fuels up with lots of vegetables, rice, and pasta.

Fun fact: The singer is big on spices, so much so that she actually travels with a case full of them. What's in the case? Things like bouillon-like maggi cubes, curry, jeera (also known as cumin seeds), Old Bay seasoning, adobo, five-spice, and garlic and onion granules.

And she clearly loves caviar.

Get it, Rih!

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