Rihanna just wore thigh-high Ugg boots

Laura Capon
Photo credit: Instagram.com/badgalriri

From Cosmopolitan

Back in March we delivered some extremely distressing news that thigh-high Ugg boots were going to be 'a thing' and as distressed as you all were, deep down I knew that you didn't truly believe us.

Well, Rihanna is here to prove that we were (unfortunately) right because her latest Coachella outfit not only features the shoes of my nightmares, but it's also so incredibly unique that it warrants an entire 250 word article.

Teaming her thigh-high Uggs with what appears to be a sheer piece of organza fabric, RiRi ditched the bra and unlike Kylie Jenner's velour onesie, I'm going to say this is most definitely a 'lewk'.

And Rihanna was clearly feeling her all brown 'lewk' because she sure did post enough Instagrams to show it off.

A moment of silence for that Gucci headband please.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/badgalriri

Thigh-high Ugg boots aside, RiRi's Coachella wardrobe really has been quite something, just look at her '60s inspired baby blue look (complete with matching eyeshadow).

It's like if Twiggy was a cowboy.

Although I'm not quite sold on the trousers she wore to her Fenty x Puma Coachella event.

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Just the thought of wearing them in the desert heat is making the back of my legs sweaty. Although pairing them with a swimming costume really is a stroke of genius because when you do inevitably overheat all you gotta do is whip off your trousers and find your nearest swimming pool.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Just promise me you won't buy thigh-high Ugg boots, ok?

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