Rihanna Is Calling It Quits On Instagram Photo Dumps Post 2020

Savannah Walsh
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Photo credit: Tim P. Whitby - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tim P. Whitby - Getty Images


Rihanna is calling time on the Instagram Photo dump trend after this year.

This year photo dump's - a practice that involves grouping several disparate photos together for one casually captioned post - have become synonymous with the photo sharing app.

Everyone from the Hadids to the Tik Tok famed D'Amelios have gotten in on the action. But like most things in life, it couldn't be declared a certified trend until Rihanna acknowledged its existence.

Time of death according to the musician and mogul, fell on Friday December 18 and after appraising the celebs and influencers photo dumping trend Rihanna declared a swift 'No, thank you.'

Well, she actually wrote 'phuck a photo dump, [sic]' alongside one photo of herself sporting a cherry-print bikini, pair of mini Chanel bags, and curly mullet that you'll think you can pull off until you remember that you are not, in fact, Rihanna.

Prior to Rihanna's eulogy of photo dumps, they were a fixture on our feeds. It was as if 2020 seemed so impossible that instead of curating a 'gram aesthetic or choosing a single photo to encapsulate our mood, we decided to lean into all of our emotions at once. Embracing the chaos meant posting several snaps and hoping it added up to something. Call it social media strategy or an expression of the uncertainty raging inside — we did a lot of photo dumping this year.

Typically, photo dumps are shared by one of two types of people. The first is your Pinterest-loving aunt who shares 56 photos in a Facebook album documenting every second of her trip to Disneyland. Her mass upload is less about artful messaging than it is about getting the word out about her unforgettable trip, via any access to technology.

Then there's the celebs whose photo dumps give off an air of casualness. In any given post, a blurry selfie is followed by a photo shoot candid, then a grainy meme presented without context, and concluding with a photo from the front row at Fashion Week.

This amalgamation of objectively cool pictures next to seemingly normal ones is anything but accidental. We can't be bothered to post on the grid daily, these posts seem to say.

Like a relative's 'Disney July 2011' album, the IG photo dump is just as vaguely branded. 'Random !' Bella Hadid captions her roundup of fashion-y pics. SZA casually writes, 'Photo dump. I’m around', alongside an image of herself in a metallic two-piece ensemble.

A more honest representation of these posts would've been: 'Stunning Photos I Couldn't Find An Occasion To Post For.'

The photo dump falls squarely opposite to the highly curated Instagram feeds we have all become accustom too. By giving off the energy that they don't spend the whole day scrolling or overthinking what they'll post, photo dumps have become the thing to participate in.

Case and point - Ariana Grande burying a full-frontal view of her engagement ring from Dalton Gomez in the fourth slide of a post? How about shielding a photo of Stormi Webster and Travis Scott in the fifth slot à la Kylie Jenner?

Not everyone has become indifferent to the gloss of Instagram, however, Sophie Turner recent additions to her grid were a friendly reminder that not all trends have to be followed. She captioned a series of uploads: 'Felt like we needed some content on this page... enjoy these throwbacks' alongside a rare look at her pregnancy, selfie with a lemur, and and three Joe Jonas pics. A perfect reminder that despite trends we still have the choice to post however and whatever we choose on the app.

The Cool Girls of Instagram may have ushered in an era of dumping photos, but they taketh away via Rihanna, patron saint of chicness. However, as 2020 concludes and celebs rediscover gems didn't make their grids, expect an influx of random snapshots.

Condolences in advance RiRi.

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