Rielly returns to Game 7 after taking Chara slapper off mouth

Morgan Rielly required some repairs in Game 7. (Getty)

As far as hazards go in Game 7 between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs, being struck in the face with a slap shot from Zdeno Chara would compare to just about anything else you would be inclined to include on that list.

Unfortunately, Toronto’s best defenceman, Morgan Rielly, experienced such fate in Wednesday’s do-or-die clash, taking a fluttering (thankfully) Chara slapper off the mouth — a split second after Brad Marchand ducked to avoid the projectile.

You knew Rielly took it flush when Marchand immediately turned and hollered at the referees to blow the play dead.

That, however, didn’t make watching the replay any easier.

Do avoid if you’re squeamish — seriously.

Rielly was conscious and able to skate to the bench on his own power while soaking up the blood with a trainer’s towel.

Incredibly, he was able to return for the start of the second period.