Rick And Morty Dropped Its Season 7 Episode Titles In New Video, But I’m Still Waiting On That One Major Reveal

 Rick and Morty shocked while watching large fire in Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty shocked while watching large fire in Rick and Morty

Who will replace Justin Roiland as the voice of the titular characters and many others on Rick and Morty? That's a question that fans have been asking since Roiland's firing this past January, and the beloved, critically acclaimed Adult Swim series has not yet provided an answer – despite the fact that Season 7 is now just a month and a half away. Hopefully the actor/actors will be named soon, but today we at least have another thing to be excited about, as the official titles and descriptions for the have been revealed for the upcoming run of episodes.

A total of 10 Rick and Morty Season 7 episodes will be released weekly starting on October 15, and the show's official Twitter account has posted a video that previews what fans can expect from the individual adventures. Some of the descriptions are too vague to be meaningful, but a number of them point directly at certain elements that get us excited. Check out the full rundown of titles and descriptions below:

1. “How Poopy Got His Poop Back” - Broh, come out with us. You’re being so boring, dude.

2. “The Jerrick Trap” - Gotta be mindful, broh. Big brain stuff here.

3. “Air Force Wong” - Virginia is for lovers, broh.

4. “That’s Amorte” - Broh, that’s a some good spaghetti.

5. “Unmortricken” - Rick and Morty wilding out, broh. They’re getting up to stuff.

6. “Rickfending Your Mort” - Gotta keep those receipts, dawg.

7. “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer” - High school, broh. Morty and Summer hang out in this one.

8. “Rise Of The Numbericons: The Movie” - Action! Adventure! It’s a whole movie, broh!

9. “Mort: Ragnarick” - Heaven is for real, broh. I saw it, broh, I swear.

10. “Fear No Mort” - Only thing to fear is fear itself, broh.

So what can we glean from these? For starters, it would seem that the Season 7 premiere will put a big focus on Mr. Poopybutthole – who fans will remember was last seen in the Season 6 finale trying to get over his divorce and exercising to excess. It feels safe to assume that "Air Force Wong" will somehow involve therapist Dr. Wong (who is voiced by Susan Sarandon), and there may be riffs on movies including The Parent Trap, Unforgiven, Defending Your Life, Thor: Ragnarok, and Wet Hot American Summer.

Perhaps the most intriguing of all, however, is what's going on with episode 8. The Numbericons were previously featured in the stinger of the second season episode "Get Schwifty," and it's kind of weird that they are coming back, but it's the "The Movie" part that raises the most curiosity. Is the description that it's "a whole movie" accurate, or is it just a joke? Could we be getting a 90 minute adventure, or perhaps is Rise Of The Numbericons: The Movie simply a film that the characters in the show go to see? At present, we have no idea.

You can check out the Rick and Morty episode title reveal video below and see if you can pick up on any subtle clues from the artwork included:

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