Richard Madeley questions I'm a Celebrity's handling of Boy George

While hosting Good Morning Britain, TV presenter Richard Madeley questioned why none of the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here campmates have questioned Boy George about his prison time.

Video transcript

- Of course, there's somebody in the jungle who has actually served time.


- Yeah.

RICHARD MADELEY: I wonder if-- you see, he's not being questioned about that. He chained someone to a radiator basically for a very long time and beat them up.

- Well, he denies the beating.

RICHARD MADELEY: Well, he was convicted. And he spent three months in--

- Four months in prison out of the 15-month jail sentence.

RICHARD MADELEY: But no one's mentioned it to him at all.

- No.

RICHARD MADELEY: I wonder if that's because they've forgotten it.

- It was more than 10 years ago that it happened.

RICHARD MADELEY: And he says it was a psychotic episode, which was partly fueled by drugs. So that is-- that's his rationale. That's why he did it.

- And he effectively handed himself in. Exactly right.