Richard Madeley: I would look too stupid in Spandex to go on 'Strictly'

Julia Hunt

Richard Madeley has summed up why he won’t do Strictly Come Dancing in one word – Spandex.

The TV star, 63, said he has been asked to take to the dancefloor on the BBC show many times, but just can’t picture himself in form-fitting spangly outfits.

And even if he could overlook the sequins and sparkles, Madeley reckons he would “look so stupid” performing some of the challenging routines.

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He said while hosting Good Morning Britain: “I was talking to a booker from Strictly Come Dancing the other day because, for their folly, sometimes they ask me to go on it and I always say ‘no’.

Richard Madeley attending the 2016 Royal Television Society Programme Awards, Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. (Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

"She was saying that more women celebrities say yes than men, it's much harder to get male celebrities to go and do it.

"I wouldn't do it because of the jive.

"I cannot conceivably come on in Spandex and Lurex and do the flick kicks, I would look so stupid.

"I would look stupid anyway, whereas a woman wouldn't think like that."

While Spandex and Lurex may be out of the question, Madeley does have a little more experience with that other vital Strictly wardrobe accessory – fake tan.

Earlier this year the star had viewers in stitches when he appeared on Good Morning Britain with a vaguely orange glow.

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Madeley later admitted that he had been in a hurry getting ready and had accidentally slapped on his daughter’s fake tan.

“I thought I was putting aftershave balm on at quarter to four in the morning. It wasn’t – it was fake tan, I think it might have been my daughter’s, I don’t know,’ he said.

“It gradually became clear as the show developed what had happened – and it was the moment embarrassing TV moment out of the last 10 years for me.”

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