Richard Madeley is called 'inappropriate' by 'GMB' viewers

Richard Madeley has been criticised for his line of questioning towards England footballer Alessia Russo.

Russo appeared on Good Morning Britain on 3 August to discuss England's historic win over Germany in the final of Euro 2022.

To begin the chat with Russo, GMB presenter Madeley said: “How are you feeling? It’s three days on now. If I was your dad and asked you that – ‘how are you feeling love’ – what would you say?”

Video transcript

RICHARD MADELEY: It's three days on now. If I was your dad and asked you that, I said, how are you feeling, love? What would you say?

ALESSIA RUSSO: Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't exhausted, because I am, just from the game. Everything was just amazing but, yeah, so overwhelming.

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