Richard Madeley accuses Gary Lineker of hypocrisy over Qatar criticism

Talking on Good Morning Britain, co-host Richard Madeley accused Gary Lineker of 'having it both ways' by criticising the Qatar World Cup while also hosting the BBC coverage from the Middle East.

Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

RICHARD MADELEY: You should have covered it from here, Gary. I mean, you've got exactly the same communications. You've got the same screens. You've got the same earpieces in. It's instantaneous coverage, comes via satellite. You don't have to be there. You do not have to be-- I think that statement is what's known as having it both ways, don't you?

- Yeah. I mean, except that it's really important that people do go to cover it. I mean, we have our own teams, obviously, out in Qatar, reporting on the issues.

RICHARD MADELEY: On the issues.

- But I suppose Gary Lineker might save that by being there, and making that statement, that's where the power is. Very easy to sit here in the studio and make criticisms, actually being there and doing that.