Rhea Seahorn cried over reactions to her Emmy nod

Rhea Seahorn has been nominated for an Emmy award credit:Bang Showbiz
Rhea Seahorn has been nominated for an Emmy award credit:Bang Showbiz

Rhea Seahorn cried when she heard Seth Meyers was "excited" about her Emmy Awards nomination.

The 50-year-old actress was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for her portrayal of lawyer Kim Wexler in 'Better Call Saul' earlier this week, and while she couldn't be happier to have made the shortlist for the first time, she was even more delighted by the reactions of other people.

She said: “I don’t know Seth Meyers. I’ve been on his talk show once. But he got nominated, and he tweeted that he was more excited that I got nominated. I mean, if that doesn’t make you cry in the middle of the Savoy hotel, I don’t know what will.

"And then Laraine Newman, one of my idols, whose daughter ['Hacks' star Hannah Einbinder] just got nominated, messaged me: ‘Hooray!’ I mean, how do you…?"

Rhea found out the news while she and her fiance Graham Larson were with the show's costume designer, Jennifer Bryan, at the Savoy hotel's American bar in London.

She recalled to VanityFair.com: "The three of us had just ordered drinks when [Graham] leaned over and said, ‘Babe, you got it.' And he’d held my hand on all the other mornings when I had not got it.”

Rhea's co-star, Bob Odenkirk - who plays her on-screen husband Jimmy McGill/ Saul Goodman - received his fifth acting nomination for his role in the show and admitted it was the actress' place on the shortlist that really gave him cause for celebration.

He said: “The fact that Rhea got nominated is right at the top of the whole experience for me today.

“She has been the best scene partner and friend for six years. She’s made me a better actor, and she’s made it easy to do hard work together. She deserves all she gets as far as accolades, for the depth and dimension that she brought to Kim Wexler and the way that character grew because of her outstanding performance.”