Will Rey’s Star Wars Movie Feature More Sequel Characters Like Finn? Here’s The Latest From Daisy Ridley

 Daisy Ridley as Rey in The Rise of Skywalker.
Daisy Ridley as Rey in The Rise of Skywalker.

There are major movie franchises, and then there's Star Wars. Generations of moviegoers grew up loving the galaxy far, far away, with has continued expanding thanks to big screen adventures and live-action shows available with a Disney+ subscription. The Skywalker Saga ended with The Rise of Skywalker, and it's already been a few years since the space opera has been in theaters. Lucasfilm announced a new trilogy that's on the way, including a movie starring Daisy Ridley's Rey. But will that project feature more characters from the sequel trilogy? Here's the latest from the actress.

The ending of The Rise of Skywalker saw Rey embrace her new last name, and made it clear that the Jedi line would continue with her. Daisy Ridley's developing movie is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming Star Wars projects, but we don't know much about what it'll contain. Ridley was recently asked by Variety if she felt strange doing a movie without her co-stars like John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, and she responded honestly, saying:

No, because I don’t know what is what or who is who [in the new movie]. So much has happened for me [since the Skywalker saga]. I feel like a grown-up now. When I first started, I was, like, 20. I was the youngest on set. It took me the first two Star Wars films to feel worthy of being there. Now I’m in my 30s. The whole thing feels quite different. I’ve been able to work with other filmmakers, and hopefully, I’ve got better as a performer.

There you have it. While Ridley expressed her excitement for her mysterious Star Wars movie, it sounds like she's not sure if any of her colleagues will be joining in on the fun. Fingers crossed that we get to see more returning characters, especially Finn. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to see him finally get his Jedi training.

Daisy Ridley's comments offer a peek behind the curtain on the Rey movie's development, which is largely being kept under wraps. It's unclear when the new trilogy of movies will actually arrive in theaters, but hopefully Lucasfilm will share some more information with the public about what's coming next.

The Rey movie definitely has Star Wars fans excited, and it feels like narratively the sky's the limit. The Skywalker Saga is officially in the rear view, and the filmmakers and writers should presumably have more freedom to make bold storytelling choices.

Despite the new trilogy announcement, there are countless questions about Star Wars' future in theaters. In addition to those three movies, Taika Waititi is also attached to direct his own flick, although the development process has already taken years. Hopefully we get to see the galaxy far, far away on the big screen sooner rather than later.

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