Revolutionary PSYONIC Bionic Hand Could Change Amputees' Lives

The Ability Hand, developed by firm PSYONIC was showcased at this year's CES event in Las Vegas. The Ability Hand has a 200 millisecond finger closing time - faster than the blink of an eye and is the first to give users touch feedback from multiple fingers. All five digits flex and extend, and the thumb rotates. The hand takes an hour to charge and can then be used all day. It connects to iOS and Android mobile app, allowing users to fine-tune its grips and functionality. It weighs only 470 grams - 20 percent less than a real human hand. It can also withstand blunt force impact without breaking. The hand is a passion project for PSYONIC founder Dr. Aadeel Akhtar who has taken an interest in helping those with missing limbs since he was a child and met an amputee in his parents’ native Pakistan.

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