Do Revenge fans are all saying the same thing about this classic 00s film

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Do Revenge has just dropped on Netflix, and let us tell you, it is a *vibe*. The highly anticipated film stars Stranger Things' Maya Hawke and Riverdale's Camila Mendes and has had fans in a frenzy since the trailer was released last month. Following Drea (Mendes), who wants revenge on her boyfriend after he published her sex tape and Eleanor (Hawke) who wants revenge after a rumour was started about her, the pair form a somewhat unconventional friendship and agree to go after each other's bullies.

Of course, as soon as it hit the streaming service, fans flocked to social media to share their thoughts, and they're all comparing it to one of the most iconic films of the 00s - Mean Girls. Dubbing it the Gen Z version of the much-loved teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan, Twitter has been on fire, with some even saying that it's going to be as iconic as the 2004 film in the future.

One fan wrote: "#DoRevenge has the potential of being this generation's Mean Girls. The movie has infinite gif-able moments, the throwbacks are gorgeous, and I didn’t expect a good original movie to hit Netflix anytime soon so the surprise is real. Go Do Revenge. Find your Revenge Mommy."

As another said: "Never did I expect for Do Revenge to be one of my favourite films of the year. It’s a genuinely funny teen comedy that has some pretty sharp and clever social satire that really reminded me of the age of Mean Girls. Maya Hawke and Camilla Mendes are both brilliant!"

Other fans of the original film took to the platform to sing its praises, with one user writing: "I'm calling it right now, Do Revenge will become the next Mean Girls. It's going to be iconic in 15 years," as someone else simply said: "Do Revenge x Mean Girls."

And as well as the references to the Plastics and LiLo's character Cady, one fan even added that it gave them major Euphoria vibes, too, typing: "I watched Do Revenge on Netflix tonight. I loved it. It's Mean Girls meets Euphoria."

Well, with this reaction, it looks as though Gretchen Wieners wouldn't hesitate to pull out the most recognisable catchphrase of the early 2000s.

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