Reusable 'family cloth' horrifies internet as eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper

Sabrina Barr
Getty Images/iStockphoto

There’s a rising trend of families opting to use reusable cloths instead of regular toilet paper and many people on the internet are horrified.

It’s previously been noted that using toilet paper to clean ourselves after going to the bathroom isn’t the most effective method, as wiping excessively could lead to health issues such as urinary tract infections.

Some people choose to use a ‘family cloth’ instead as a more eco-friendly option.

However, a number of individuals on the internet can’t deal with the idea of wiping themselves with a cloth, popping it in the washing machine and then using it again on multiple occasions.

A woman anonymously spoke to BuzzFeed about her positive experience of using a family cloth with her husband and two young children.

“In my mind, buying and using disposable toilet paper was literally flushing money down the toilet!” she said.

“Let’s also set the record straight: Individuals who use family cloth do not only have a single piece of cloth. We have dozens of smallish strips of cloth.”

She also made the point that reusing a product that you've used clean yourself with after going to the toilet shouldn't be seen as that strange, asking: "Do you throw away your underpants after each use?"

While the woman may profess that using a family cloth has its benefits, such as being better for the environment and more affordable than expendable toilet paper, other individuals have confessed their disdain for the trend on social media.

Model Chrissy Teigen responded to a tweet about the family cloth on Twitter, simply writing: “AHHHH.”

Another person commented on the fact that washing the cloth so frequently may not be that cost-effective, tweeting: “Like how are you really saving if you’re having to wash them in a wash machine?

“That’s like extra soap, water, so it doesn’t end up being same cost or more for toilet paper and wipes??”

A plethora of family cloths are available to purchase in the UK from Etsy.

One variety, produced by a company called CreeksideKid, offers a set of 20 for £12.52 in addition to shipping costs from the US.

“Naturally, we all want our world to be the best it can be for ourselves and our children, but where to start?” the product description reads.