Have your say: Do you want to return to your office full time?

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer
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With lockdown restrictions set to be eased over the coming weeks and months, workers may finally be able to head back to the office.

Working from home has become the norm for millions of people since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with businesses having to adapt to lockdowns.

A roadmap will be set out to exit the current lockdown by Boris Johnson next week, and staff could be set to return to offices if they have had the vaccine.

However, a new report from YouGov and Microsoft found that nearly nine in 10 employees reported their businesses have adapted to home working.

Over half (56%) also said that they felt happier working from home compared to when they worked in the office.

The prime minister is expected to stand by the “work from home if you can” message when setting out his plans for the exit out of lockdown, but some MPs want people to be allowed back as quickly as possible.

Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘We need to get people back to work as soon as possible.

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“There are lots of reasons why work is important to our lives. It affects people’s physical and mental wellbeing and there are issues around productivity.

“I would like to see as much detail as possible in the roadmap to help people to make plans. They need to know in advance.”

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