Retailer mocked for swimsuit that ‘cannot be worn in water’

Photo via Twitter/AGlasgowGirl

2018 has already served us a variety of ridiculous fashion trends — but this one might take the cake.

Online retailer ASOS is under fire for selling a Bardot-neckline swimsuit that can’t be worn for actual swimming. The trendy, cut-out one piece is sold as a swimsuit but in the product’s details, the retailer warns it is dry clean only and can’t get wet.

Amna Saleem stumbled across the studded swimsuit online and was left baffled by the care instructions.

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“Can someone explain to ASOS how swimsuits work please?” tweeted Saleem.

The tweet has since gone viral with others demanding the retailer explain the purpose. With more than 400 retweets and 1,700 likes, the internet has been left confused by the swimsuit — with some even commenting on the impracticality of the neckline – outside of the fact it is a swimsuit that can’t get wet.

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