Restaurant's response to 'rude' customer complaint is everything

A restaurant’s brilliant response to a rude customer is winning the Internet [Photo: Getty]

A high-end restaurant is winning social media for its response to a “rude” customer who described their food and surroundings as “cr*p.”

“The customer is always right!” is the mantra those working in the hospitality industry are bound by.

But one restaurant is being praised for breaking with tradition and hitting back at the customer after he sent them an email complaining about everything from their “crap” food and surroundings” to wine described as “budget supermarket garbage.”

Instead of replying to the email privately, the management of Träkol, in Gateshead, decided to share their takedown of the customer to social media.

Hitting back at his “personal attack” they took to Twitter to write “the customer is always right… unless they are very very rude and very very wrong” before sharing both the customer’s email and their response.

In his original email the customer described himself as “self-employed from a wealthy background and well educated (privately, obviously).”

“I have eaten in the best restaurants of Newcastle, Europe and the Caribbean,” he continued.

“I can honestly say I have never eaten such crap food in crap surroundings and payed at least four times what the food was worth.”

He went on to say that the restaurant was “making very good staff serve crap food at extortionate prices.”

But the restaurant, owned by By The River Brew Co, weren’t going to take the criticism, which they saw as unfair, lying down, so they issued a brilliant response to the diner, pointing out his “barbed and rather insulting tone.”

“Thank you for your mail – as a self employed, wealthy, privately educated individual we would have thought you would have understood the difference between bread and bred,” the company started their post.

“Whilst we are always welcoming of comments, critique and well reasoned complaints in this case we must take umbrage to your mail which we feel is simply a personal attack,” they continued.

“However regardless of your barbed and rather insulting tone it is of course our duty to reply, so hold tight…

“The chef is neither vegan nor ‘thick’ – a bit chunky maybe… but thick? No definitely not,” they wrote in response to the customer’s original slight.

“He is, as the whole team here at By The River are extremely passionate about what we serve here as a local, independent operator.”

In a cheeky response to his comments on their wine list they wrote: “Please let us know which supermarkets you source these wines at budget prices from (we imagine you are a Waitrose kind of guy?) and we will be straight down there with our bags for life to stock up.”

Since sharing their response, other diners have taken to social media to give props to the staff for their witty reply.

The restaurant aren’t the only ones who have been praised online for their response to a situation.

Last November a bride won a legion of fans for her reaction to discovering her husband-to-be had been cheating. 

Instead of calling off the wedding, she decided to walk down the aisle while reading aloud the texts her groom had sent to another woman!

And last month a woman went viral after sharing her brilliant reasons for rejecting a job on Twitter after being made to feel inadequate in the interview.

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