Restaurant introduces 'no PDA' zones ahead of Valentine's Day

Francesca Specter
·Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
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Frankie & Benny's has introduced 'No PDA' zones in select restaurants. [Photo: Getty]
Frankie & Benny's has introduced 'No PDA' zones in select restaurants. [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all been treated to strangers’ public displays of affection (also known as PDAs) before.

This might have involved watching a steamy kiss take place on the train, or witnessing inappropriate behaviour on the dance-floor.

And while some might welcome the romance in the air, many others find it annoying.

More than a third (36%) of 2,000 people in the UK surveyed by Italian-American franchise Frankie & Benny’s saying they believe “openly tactile” behaviours like passionate kissing, couples feeding one another and sucking each other’s fingers should be left for private spaces.

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In light of this, the restaurant chain has taken action, introducing “No PDA Zones” in a select number of their restaurants.

Diners sitting in these areas will be able to eat their food safe in the knowledge they won’t have to be a reluctant audience to a canoodling couple.

In the interests of catering to everyone, the restaurant will also have a designated “PDA zone” where those who wish to cuddle, kiss or flirt with their partners, without the fear of judgement or hostility.

The research found that restaurants are deemed the most unacceptable place for PDAs, with 36% deeming it inappropriate behaviour.

Buses (35%) and public swimming pools (34%) followed shortly afterwards.

As for the specific behaviours considered a no-no, respondents voted finger sucking the worst (45%), while touching under clothes (40%), grinding up against another person (38%) and bum grabbing (32%) were also identified.

“Our nationwide research clearly indicates that many Brits are uncomfortable with couples being openly tactile with each-other, whilst they are trying to enjoy their meal,” said a representative for Frankie & Benny’s.

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“But we also understand that many couples see Valentine’s Day as the one time of year when they can show physical affection toward their loved ones to show how much they care.

“With this in mind - and to cater to everyone’s needs - we will be creating separate spaces in select restaurants, where couples who want to get amorous are more than welcome and couples who find PDA’s off-putting can have somewhere to enjoy their meal, in our designated “NO PDA ZONE”.

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