These Resistance Bands are Still in Stock but You'll Need to Move Quick

Abigail Buchanan

From Women's Health

Looking for the best resistance bands? That's no mean feat given that home gym equipment is pretty much sold out everywhere.

Since the Government ordered all non-essential businesses, including gyms to close to slow the spread of coronavirus, home workout gear has been like gold dust. But fear not - to help you get a sweat on (even in self-isolation) we've rounded up the best resistance bands that are still in stock for you to buy now - and some great picks that will be back in stock very soon.

Resistance bands can turn a good home workout into a great home workout simply by adding extra resistance and challenge to the exercises you're performing. And, with gyms and studios having shut their doors for the foreseeable future, being able to get a great workout in at home is more crucial than ever.

The best resistance bands that are still in stock

1/ Women's Health Resistance Bands

  • Why? Look who it is! You can buy this WH-approved pack of four resistance bands from Argos for the bargain price of £10.99. They're almost out of stock, though, so hurry.
  • How much? £10.99


2/ Fitness Mad Light Resistance Band

  • Why? This light resistance band is perfect for home-workout beginners as it comes with a booklet of key resistance band exercises.
  • How much? £8.49


3/ B_ND Pink Medium Resistance Band

  • Why? These cotton/rubber resistance bands are latex free - they're comfortable to use and come in a range of lengths and weights.
  • How much? £14


4/ Nike Medium Resistance Band

  • Why? This pro resistance band has an integrated double handle and it's durably constructed to be able to stretch up to four times it's length, making it one of the most versatile pieces of kit you can buy.
  • How much? £23.95


5/ USA Pro Light Resistance Band

  • Why? This light resistance band is perfect for enhancing stretches and gentle strength workouts - and it's under a tenner.
  • How much? £9.99


6/ Gritin Set of 5 Resistance Bands

  • Why? With a set of five weights to choose from, this set of resistance bands gives you an option for every workout. Be quick - there's only one set left in stock.
  • How much? £11.99


7/ ELVIRE Sport Resistance Bands

  • Why? These non-slip elastic resistance bands are specially designed for glutes and lower body workouts. Comes with three bands with different levels of resistance.
  • How much? £23.49


These Resistance Bands Will Be Back in Stock Soon

If you can't find what you need in stock, don't worry - all of the bestselling resistance bands below will be back in stock soon.

1/ MyProtein Resistance bands

How much? £11.99


2/ Decathlon DOMYOS Strength Training Resistance Glute Band

How much? £5.99


3/ Reebok Resistance Tube

How much? £9


4/ Adidas Mini Resistance Bands

How much? £12


5/ Yoga-Mad Medium Power Loop Resistance Band

How much? £20.99


How do resistance bands work?

The various 'weights' and 'strength' of resistance bands refers to how much force they're going to work against you with as you try to stretch them.

Basically, they add resistance to any exercise you do, helping you build muscle and add an extra dimension to bodyweight exercises such as squats, crab walks and glute bridges.

Far more portable than a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell, resistance bands fold down to almost nothing and, when you are back in the gym, they're great to use there too.

Try this at home resistance band workout with Ciara Madden

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