‘It resembles a half-plucked chicken’: Britons left disappointed by ‘sad’ Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

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A view shows the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, a gift from Norway, in Trafalgar Square, London (REUTERS)
A view shows the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, a gift from Norway, in Trafalgar Square, London (REUTERS)

Every year since 1947, Norway has gifted a Christmas tree to the people of Britain as a token of gratitude for supporting the Nordic country during World War II.

The tree, typically a 50 to 60-year-old Norway spruce that stands at over 20m tall, takes pride of place in Trafalgar Square. But this year, people have taken to social media to lament that the usually-grand tree looks “threadbare” and “sad”.

One person wondered if Britain had “done something to upset Norway”, while another asked: “Are Norway sending the tree in instalments this year? When are the other branches arriving?”

“Norway always sends us a magnificent Christmas tree that we place proudly in Trafalgar Square,” said a third. “What have we done to upset Oslo this year? The tree resembles a half-plucked chicken!”

Another person wrote: “Thanks Norway, it’s the thought that counts.”

Others thought the tree was the perfect metaphor for everyone who has lived through 2021.

“We are all this year’s tired, dishevelled, Trafalgar Square tree,” said one person.

“Everyone is complaining about the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree like it isn’t a perfect representation of this year and doesn’t look exactly like how we all feel,” declared another.

There were plenty of jokes about people recreating the spruce by “using last year’s Christmas tree”, or hanging a bauble on a stick.

Richard Wood, the British ambassador to Norway, jumped to defend the much-maligned Christmas tree by saying it was a good thing that “Twitter isn’t real life”.

“The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is appreciated by the vast majority,” he said. “And is an amazing gesture from the people of Oslo. Looking forward to the lighting tonight!”

He posted a video of the tree being lifted from a Norwegian forest, looking significantly more filled out. One person asked: “Is it the same tree?”

The official Twitter account for the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree also acknowledged all the attention it has drawn and took the opportunity to remind the public when the lighting ceremony is taking palce.

“As there’s been SO much excitement for me in the last 24 hours, you’ll be pleased to know my lighting ceremony is at 6pm this evening. Come along and enjoy the festivities!” it tweeted.

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