A Republican Senator Is Going Viral For Trying To Physically Fight A Witness During A Senate Hearing

The United States government is essentially a barely functioning circus.

Circus performer on stilts posing outside the tent with another performer between their legs
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We're talking about a total clown car show!

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The latest buffoonery happened during a Senate hearing where a Republican senator from Oklahoma tried to get into a physical fight with a union leader.

Closeup of Sen. Mullin
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This clip of Senator Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma challenging Teamster boss Sean O’Brien has since gone mega-viral:

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I like how he even adjusted his ring.

Sen. Mullin standing up and adjusting his ring

The drama of it all!!

Closeup of Sen. Mullin

As you can see, 82-year-old Bernie Sanders had to step in and try to calm him down.

Bernie Sanders trying to calm Mullin down

"God knows Americans have enough contempt for Congress, let's not make it worse!" he said.

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And, yep, Bernie is right on this one. We've all had enough.

Closeup of Sen. Mullin

I guess the show must go on!

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