Reporter Calmly Deals With Racist Tirade Caught on Camera

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

An Australian reporter was the subject of a racist tirade that was caught on camera. Reporter Neary Ty was investigating a home invasion when a man launched into a verbal attack in which he asked what country she was from and told her to “go back there.” Ty remained calm and replied, “Oh! Far out, mate. That’s not very nice.”

Ty was interviewed on the Australian show Today and recounted the incident. She said, “It was really shocking and really confronting. I wasn’t expecting something like that at 11 o’clock on a Wednesday morning.”

Even though Ty took the incident in stride, it did have an impact on her. She said, “At first I was, you know, I was in shock. And we had to sort of continue reporting on the story… But after it all happened, I was actually quite upset about it.”

Ty, who is the daughter of Cambodian refugees, hoped to shine a light on the ongoing issue of hate. She said, “In 2017, it’s so sad that something like this is still happening. This behavior shouldn’t be tolerated.”

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