Report: Steven Adams blames 'fat fingers' for liking Instagram slam of Carmelo Anthony

On the Roseanne scale of colossal social media miscues, this is a blip on the radar.

But it’s still yet another lesson on the perils and pitfalls of Twitter and its cohorts.

Oklahoma City Thunder big man Steven Adams was apparently cruising Instagram Sunday when he came across this post asking who was the most valuable among thunder players Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Adams.

Adams appeared to have an opinion on the matter. While he didn’t answer the question directly, he did like a post from another user who answered “All of them except melo.”

Adams seemed to realize his mistake overnight and reached out to Thunder public relations staff early Monday to explain himself, ESPN reports.

Steven Adams liked an Instagram opinion on Carmelo Anthony he probably shouldn’t have before providing an excuse to Thunder staff. (AP)

His explanation was a doozy.

According to the report, Adams told Thunder staff his “fat fingers” got in the way when he was scrolling through Instagram, leading to an accidental like.

Umm. OK, Steven. Whatever you say.

Anthony has a $27.9 million player option for next season he would be nuts not to exercise after defining his role as a minimal contributor who often found himself watching critical minutes of important games on the bench last year.

He averaged a career-low 16.2 points on a woeful 40.4 field goal percentage last season as his brand of iso-ball took a turn for the worse with age and a new team. 

So we can’t say we blame Adams for agreeing with an Instgram stranger’s assessment of Anthony. But it’s probably an opinion he should keep off the internet.

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