Report: Mo Bamba refuses to work out for Grizzlies, tells them not to draft him

Mo Bamba is one of the NBA draft’s most intriguing prospects.

He’s also apparently not at all interested in Memphis.

The Texas big man with an absurd 7-foot, 10-inch wingspan who blocked 3.7 shots per game in college reportedly told the Memphis Grizzlies not to bother drafting him.

Bamba reportedly refused to share medical info with Memphis

Draft Express’ Jonathan Givony told 92.9 ESPN in Memphis that “Mo Bamba has refused to come to work out for Memphis, refused to share his medicals and has told them openly he would prefer not to be in Memphis.”

Bamba has jumped up draft boards after wowing scouts at workouts. In addition to his ridiculous wingspan, the 6-foot 11-inch center reportedly ran sprints faster than some of the NBA’s fastest point guards.

Bamba’s reportedly developed a 3-point shot

He’s also been working on his 3-point shot to rave reviews (watch) with renowned NBA trainer Drew Hanlen, who has worked to develop the games of Jayson Tatum and Joel Embiid among many others.

His measurables and upside have put Bamba squarely in top-5 range, and the Grizzlies hold the No. 4 pick in Thursday’s draft. Yahoo Sports’ latest mock draft has the Atlanta Hawks selecting him at No. 3.

Mo Bamba’s tremendous upside has NBA scouts drooling, but he reportedly told the Memphis Grizzlies not to bother with the NBA draft’s No. 4 pick. (AP)

It’s Bamba’s right to direct his basketball career

If Bamba doesn’t want to be in Memphis, it’s his prerogative to use what little power he has in this situation to prevent that from happening. High-level NBA veterans have more power than most athletes in American sports. Super teams are driven in large part by player decisions, not owner decisions.

But in the draft, prospects hold few cards in negotiating where they play basketball. It might seem unfair to Grizzlies fans, but Bamba is within his rights to use what leverage he has to direct the path of his basketball career.

If the Grizzlies believe Bamba is their guy, and he’s still on the board at No. 4 on Thursday, they’ll have a tough decision on their hands.

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