I replaced my stolen iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 12 and feared my content would be way worse – but Beyoncé helped prove me wrong

Beyoncé at the Renaissance World Tour opening night in Stockholm, Sweden.
Beyoncé on stage in Stockholm, Sweden.Sam Tabahriti/Insider
  • I downgraded to a cheaper iPhone 12 after my 14 Pro Max was stolen in March by a thief on a bike.

  • I feared the videos I planned to take at Beyoncé's concert in Stockholm wouldn't be good enough.

  • However, the quality of the content I captured at the show proved me wrong.

I knew when my iPhone 14 Pro Max was stolen by a thief on a bike, I wouldn't be able to afford another $1,199 to replace it (and no, I didn't have insurance).

I decided to downgrade to a used iPhone 12 Pro Max that cost just under £500, or about $620.

Its camera is not as sophisticated as the latest model. Knowing I was soon going to see Beyoncé on her Renaissance World Tour, I feared I wouldn't be able to capture images and video for Instagram in the best quality.

But after traveling from London for the opening night of the tour in Stockholm, Sweden, I realized I was wrong.

In the past couple of years, I've regularly experimented with my iPhones when I take photographs or videos, playing around with the brightness, angles, color filters, and even the black point.

I'm no professional photographer and I'm not claiming to know the best tricks – but I've found what appears to work for me. And it seems some people have taken a liking to my content, too.

One person who responded to one of my TikTok videos that's had more than a million views messaged me to say it's the best video she'd seen of the concert.

Another TikTok user called @lazytauruss_ said: "Omg they might as well place you on the camera crew."

I have to thank Beyonce, though, for putting on a show that lasts almost three hours. Her masterful use of the stage gave me endless opportunities to create great content with my iPhone – even if it's not the latest model.

I also went to see the Renaissance World Tour in Cardiff, Wales. While I thought Beyoncé killed it in Sweden, I feel I got even better content the second time as I was in the "Club Renaissance" area closest to the stage.

Using an iPhone as your main camera is nothing new. Even directors are using them to make films after all: Vishal Bhardwaj shot "Fursat" on an iPhone 14 Pro.

But speaking as someone who's always had to have the latest iPhone, I realized that last year's model can be more than just fine.

And if Beyoncé's people are reading, I'm waiting for your DM...

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