Repeat Herefordshire offender who caused constant misery jailed

Tyrone Ellis has been jailed for six months <i>(Image: West Mercia Police)</i>
Tyrone Ellis has been jailed for six months (Image: West Mercia Police)

A 21-year-old shoplifter who has "caused constant misery" in Herefordshire has been jailed for six months, police say.

Tyrone Ellis, from Kingstone near Hereford, was sentenced to 28 weeks in prison after being convicted of theft and breach of an outstanding community order.

Ellis, currently of no fixed abode, was arrested on Wednesday, February 1 for stealing from a shop in Madley, also near Hereford.


Sergeant Mark Jones said Ellis, who has appeared in court on several occasions for a range of crimes, had caused "constant misery to the local community for some time".

"The fact that Ellis was handed 28 weeks in prison for shop theft goes some way to showing the level of frustration felt by the court and frustration that mirrors that of this community," he said.


“I would like to thank the local people who have worked with us in this and many other cases and that without the community’s help and intelligence, we would not have the evidence we often need to progress some crimes to court.

"I would encourage people to keep sharing information with us because by working together we can keep Ross and the surrounding towns and villages the amazing places they are to live and work."