The Repair Shop star Dominic Chinea's family life: Is he married?

Dominic Chinea on The Repair Shop
Dominic Chinea on The Repair Shop (Guy Levy,BBC)

Metalwork maestro Dominic Chinea is a much-loved member of The Repair Shop family. The expert has amassed a legion of fans since making his debut on the heartwarming BBC show back in 2017.

While fans know all about Dominic's impressive restoration skills, which he frequently showcases in episodes of the show, how much do you know about his life away from the cameras? Find out if the star is married below…

The Repair Shop's Dominic Chinea
Dominic Chinea is a metalwork expert (BBC)

Who is Dominic Chinea?

Dominic is a production designer and metalwork expert who works across various mediums, including prop making, sign writing and car restoration.

Before landing a role on The Repair Shop, Dom studied Graphic Design at South East Sussex College. He now owns Ranalah Ltd and is reviving the brand in the hopes of spreading "the word as to how to use the wheeling machine".

Dominic Chinea and Jay Blades
Dominic with host Jay Blades (Ricochet Ltd)

According to his website, Dom is always looking to learn "new skills and crafts" and is constantly "seeking new areas to explore, be it panel beating or learning to keep bees".

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Is Dominic Chinea married?

Dominic is married to a producer named Maria Domican, according to

The couple have been married for almost six years, having tied the knot on October 21, 2017, and reportedly live in the Kent countryside.

The TV star prefers to keep his private life out of the spotlight, so not much is known about his marriage.

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Does Dominic Chinea have children?

Dominic doesn't appear to have any children. However, he and his wife do share an adorable Spanish water dog named Wendy, who he regularly posts on his Instagram page.

Back in April, the star shared a sweet video of Wendy before and after her visit to the groomers and asked fans whether they preferred her hair long or short. "Wendy the Spanish water dog has had her summer haircut! Do you prefer her hair long or short?!" he asked his Instagram followers.

Dominic Chinea's Spanish water dog Wendy
Dominic's adorable Spanish water dog, Wendy (Dominic Chinea/Instagram)

Fans were quick to comment on Wendy's cute look, with one person writing: "Couldn't choose! Love both!" while another added: "She's gorgeous either way but she looks more comfortable with it short."

Dominic Chinea's role on The Repair Shop

Dom is known for his metalwork expertise on The Repair Shop and is always impressing viewers with his incredible fixes.

In an episode of the show's latest series, his restoration of a 61-year-old scooter left viewers in tears.

Jay Blades, Belinda Hills, Harry Back and Dominic Chinea on The Repair Shop
Jay and Dom with guests Belinda Hills and Harry Back (BBC)

Dom welcomed father and daughter Harry and Belinda into the barn, who were hoping the expert could repair a scooter Belinda's parents gave to her when she was a child.

Harry explained the scooter would be his "legacy" for his two great-grandchildren and hoped they could ride down a hill in London's Greenwich Park like his daughter used to.

Harry was blown away by the repair and even took the scooter out for a spin. Watch the moment below.

Praising Dom's incredible work, one person wrote on X: "Great one tonight, great job of the scooter @DominicChinea," while another added: "Best repair ever. Harry on the scooter, 'I could go faster, but they wouldn't let me.' Brilliant."

Who are the experts on The Repair Shop?

Sonnaz Nooranvary, Lucia Scalisi, Julie Tatchell, William Kirk, Jay Blades, Amanda Middleditch, Suzie Fletcher, Dominic Chinea, Steve Fletcher
Sonnaz Nooranvary, Lucia Scalisi, Julie Tatchell, William Kirk, Jay Blades, Amanda Middleditch, Suzie Fletcher, Dominic Chinea, Steve Fletcher (Guy Levy)
  • Jay Blades: Presenter and furniture restoration expert

  • Will Kirk: Carpenter and woodwork expert

  • Steve Fletcher: Horologist

  • Suzie Fletcher: Leatherworker and saddle expert

  • Kirsten Ramsay: Expert in ceramics

  • Dominic Chinea: Metal worker and car restorer

  • Brenton West: Silversmith, photography expert

  • Sonnaz Nooranvary: Upholstery Restorer

  • Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell: Soft toy restores known as 'The Teddy Bear Ladies'

  • Lucia Scalisi: Painting and artwork restorer

  • Mark Stuckey: Electronics expert and radio restorer

  • Neil Fairley: Vintage electronics repairer

  • Hannah Weston Smith: Traditional Upholsterer