Renter reveals how to transform a small living room into the perfect space for movie night

A TikToker recently shared how she turned her small apartment into a comfortable space for movie nights and streaming binges, and the idea is going viral.

According to TikToker Karma Young (@_karmarae), her apartment is small and has limited wall space.

Because of the open-concept design between the living room and the kitchen, the best layout puts her couch against the longest wall and an armchair along the two shorter walls.

Ultimately, this “made the most sense” to Young after she moved in, though it didn’t leave any free wall space to hang a TV.

“What I did was I took a projector from Amazon that was $100, and I bought a projector screen that is electric for about $160,” she explains in the clip while panning the camera across her living room.

She mounted the projector to the wall behind her couch and the screen to the ceiling between the kitchen and living space. After setting everything up and connecting the projector to her Amazon Fire TV Stick, all she has to do is hit a remote, and “within seconds,” the screen descends, and she’s ready to watch TV.

“So if you have a small space, this could be your best friend,” Young says of her home theater set-up.

According to the TikToker, the whole thing cost her just $360, including the projector, the screen and the Fire Stick. In addition, Young says the screen is about 110,” which is pretty large.

“Tell me what TV is gonna give me that for $360,” she says at the end of the clip.

To date, the latest video share has over 1.1 million views and has been earning high praise from thousands.

“You are a genius,” wrote a TikTok user named Amanda (@mandolino95). “I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of how to put a tv in my new place.”

“I saw this when you posted it some time ago and I swear Ive thought about it weekly ever since,” added @the.posh.wildling. “Can’t wait to do this.”

“WAY cheaper than a big fancy tv!” said @wendizzleeire.

At the same time, there were a few skeptics.

Many people questioned how good the resolution and sound could be, while others wondered if it’s harder to watch in the daytime because of the sunlight.

In response to some of their comments, Young admitted that the sound is kind of “iffy” at times and that watching it in the daylight is best if you have blackout curtains. Still, she’s very happy with the set-up and seems to view it as a game changer for anyone living in similarly tight spaces.

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