Renée Zellweger starring in new true crime series The Thing About Pam

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Photo credit: Morgan Lieberman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Morgan Lieberman - Getty Images

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NBC has commissioned a six-episode true crime series named The Thing About Pam, which will tell the story of the murder of Betsy Faria who was stabbed to death in December 2011. The story was told in a 2019 Dateline NBC podcast of the same name which remains one of iTunes' most downloaded podcasts ever.

Here's everything we know about the project.

What's The Thing About Pam going to be about?

The six-part series will follow the dramatic and stranger-than-fiction story of the murder of Betsy Faria, whose husband found her stabbed to death in their home in Missouri back in December 2011. Just as the podcast did the series will take a close look at the actions of Betsy's friend and co-worker Pamela Hupp, leading up to and after Betsy's death. The show will expose the complex and diabolical plot enacted by the seemingly harmless Hupp.

"The twists and turns of this saga are truly stranger than fiction," said NBC's Susan Rover. " the hands of this incredibly talented artistic team, this series will bring a completely new perspective to a story that has already captivated millions."

Who has been cast in The Thing About Pam?

Oscar-winner Renée Zellweger will play the role of Pam Hupp, and will act as executive producer on the project. The project will be written by House of Lies executive producer Jessika Borsiczky.

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images
Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images

When is The Thing About Pam being released?

We don't have a release date for the series as of yet, but rest assured we're keeping a good lookout.

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