Renée Zellweger hints at return to Bridget Jones role

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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images
Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images

Renée Zellweger has hinted that she's up for another Bridget Jones movie, admitting she hopes to be back in the character's shoes.

The actress starred in the trilogy of movies based on the hilarious Helen Fielding novels about an unlucky-in-love singleton on the lookout for the man of her dreams – featuring the men of many dreams, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey.

She called Bridget "so much fun" and that she loves the character, so it seems like she'll be up for an update on how baby William is doing.

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images
Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images

"I love being in her shoes," Zellweger told People. "I mean, it makes me giggle, you know, every day on set the choices that we get to make about just how awkward we can make her circumstances. It's just so much fun."

Like many of us who cried laughing at some of Bridget's most embarrassing moments, the actress said that's one of the many reasons she loves her so much.

"I find her so endearing, her self-deprecating sort of determination. I love her. And I think it's really rare to get to follow a character through different stages in her life."

She added: "And in a way that we find her relatable, because she parallels our own life experiences at that time. Yeah, I hope so. I mean, Helen did write another book, so there's that."

Photo credit: Universal
Photo credit: Universal

It's not the first time Zellweger has admitted she wants a follow up to 2016's Bridget Jones's Baby, and even offered a title suggestion.

"Bridget Jones: The Menopause," she jokingly said on The Talk. "No, I know Helen's written the book, and I love this character. So, I mean, if they call me, I'll go running."

Sounds promising, so hopefully the powers that be will get on with things and we can see what she's up to all these years later.

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