Reluctant Young Baboon Gets Dragged Along by Its Tail

·1-min read

If you struggled to get the kids back to school, then you know the feeling! These hilarious pictures show a cheeky young chacma baboon being dragged by its tail.

Photographer Michelle Storm captured the scene in South Africa's Kruger National Park in April 2021.

She explains: "I took these photographs during the daily morning dispersal of the baboons. During the night they often sleep in large groups on high rocks or in tall trees to avoid nocturnal predators. The morning dispersal from the sleeping site is synchronised, with all the members leaving at the same time. They will then forage during the day and return to the sleep site during the late afternoon.

"This process can be very entertaining to watch as there is a lot of running, playing, fighting going on.

"In this case, the whole troop were on the move, but this youngster was causing chaos. First hitching a ride on mum's back, then it decided to get off and started pestering the rest of the troop until one baboon had enough and grabbed it by the tail and started pulling it in the direction of travel."

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