Here: release date, cast, plot and everything we know about the Tom Hanks movie

 Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks.

Thirty years ago, Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and Robert Zemeckis teamed up for Forrest Gump, which would go on to win Best Picture and become a box office and cultural phenomenon. Well, the trio is back together with the 2024 new movie Here.

This reunion immediately becomes one of the most interesting 2024 new movies on the schedule before we even get to the plot of the movie, which is based on a graphic novel that one reviewer called a once in a decade kind of book. Plus the rest of the rest of the cast features names that should get moviegoers excited.

Find out more about all that and everything else you need to know about Here directly below

Here release date

Here has been confirmed for a November 15 limited release date in the US in Los Angeles and New York. It'll expand to additional markets on November 22 before it is made available wide on November 27, which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving this year. At this time we don't have any information on when the movie may premiere in the UK or elsewhere outside the US.

The November release will lead to plenty of Oscar speculation for the movie, as fall is often when most of the biggest Oscar contenders are released. However, just some food for thought for any Oscar fans out there, the last two Best Picture winners — Oppenheimer and Everything Everywhere All at Once — were released in July and April of their years, respectively.

Here cast

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright headline the Here cast. This marks the first time that the two have acted together since Forrest Gump, but both have been plenty busy since then. Just in the last few years, Hanks has starred in A Man Called Otto, Asteroid City and Elvis, while some of Wright's most notable roles in recent years have included House of Cards, Wonder Woman, Blade Runner 2049 and, most recently, the Netflix movie Damsel.

Something to note with Hanks and Wright for the movie, per a report by Variety, is that they will be digitally de-aged for the movie.

But Hanks and Wright aren’t the only big names in the cast. Also joining them are Paul Bettany, whose most recent work includes A Very British Scandal, playing Vision in the MCU and Uncle Frank; Kelly Reilly, who in addition to playing Beth Dutton on Yellowstone was seen in A Haunting in Venice in 2023; and Michelle Dockery, the Downton Abbey star who also is starring in the BBC series This Town.

Here plot

Here is based on the 2014 graphic novel Here by Richard McGuire, with Eric Roth and Robert Zemeckis co-writing the screenplay, adding another Forrest Gump connection, as Roth wrote the script for that movie as well.

The story focuses on multiple families and the place they share over the course of many generations, with it detailing the human experiences of love, loss, laughter and life.

Here trailer

There is no trailer for Here available at this time. When one is released online we'll add it right here.

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