Rejoice! 10 Christmas-Themed Baby Names

If you’ve got a December baby coming, there are a wealth of suitably festive names to choose from.

From something angelic, to a name that will forever remind you of the happiest time of the year – even if it’s a little different, this year.

We have a wealth of baby name inspiration on HuffPost UK Parents. Here are 10 of the best seasonal monikers. Wrap up warm and rejoice!


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(Photo: katrinaelena via Getty Images)
(Photo: katrinaelena via Getty Images)


The meaning of this unusual name is derived from the Old English word aelf, meaning ‘elf’, and ‘ric’, meaning ‘king’ or ‘power’.


You can change this lovely name up to Angelica if you like. It means ‘angel’ or ‘messenger’.


The name Carol means ‘free person’ or ‘song’ and is a feminine version of the names Charles or Carl.


The traditional meaning of Eve is ‘living’. Perfect for Christmas and New Year’s.


Joy means what it sounds like – of ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’. Can also be expanded to Joyce.


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(Photo: Glayan via Getty Images)
(Photo: Glayan via Getty Images)


Christian originated as a name used by people who worshipped Christ, which is just perfect for a public holiday that bears the same name.


A given name which comes from the Hebrew name for ‘God is my strength’, this name is also closely associated with the archangel Gabriel.


In the Old Testament Bible, Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob, who was the traditional ancestor of the people of Israel.


A name which means Christmas itself! Noel derives from the old French ‘Noël’, meaning ‘Christmas’, which also comes for the Latin words ‘natalis’ or ‘birth’.


No festive name list would be complete without the most famous reindeer of them all – and Rudolph is an ancient Germanic name meaning ‘fame’ and ‘glory’, but also ‘olf’ meaning ‘wolf’.


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